Volunteer Opportunities

CFA Society Los Angeles provides numerous volunteer opportunities that vary between participating in a single event to year-round commitments (belonging to a Member Community or Operational Group is for members only).

If you want to "Become a Volunteer," click the link and fill out the form to get in contact with one of our volunteers who will direct you to various opportunities. Within that form, you can indicate whether you want to participate in a "Member Community" or "Operational Group" (click links for more information) or simply volunteer helping with a singular event. 

  • The Member Communities serve to provide an outlet for members to participate in smaller groups that focus on specific areas of interest.

  • The Operational Groups are an opportunity for members to get more involved with assisting in the management of the Society and helping to forward its mission, whether it be a few weeks of reviewing scholarship applications, a few months of planning for the Economic & Investments Forecast Dinner, or providing Career Development content year-round. 


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