Career Mentorship Program

***Thank you for your interest, our application submission window is now closed.  For interest in next year’s program please check back when enrollment re-opens in Summer of 2017.***

What is our mission?  

To provide a unique, year-long mentoring program pairing members who seek skill development and personal and professional growth with an experienced professional in the society.

Who are we looking for? 

Young & experienced professionals alike.  If you are a young professional looking for guidance in developing your career objectives with the help of a mentor then please apply as a mentee.  If you are an experienced professional looking to give back to the investment community and help young professionals navigate the industry, please apply as a mentor. 

What should I expect? 

Once your application is submitted, the Mentorship Program Committee members will be hard at work to find the best mentee/mentor match.  They will host an orientation workshop in September to help define mentor/mentee roles, the mentoring process and goal setting.  They will also share key success factors to make this experience the most rewarding possible for all parties involved.  A mentorship committee member will check in with the mentor/mentee regularly to make sure the relationship is working throughout the year.  At the end of the year both the mentor and the mentee will submit a review of the program. 

Application deadline: July 31st, 2016

Program: One year commitment – September to September

Requirements: Applicants must be CFALA members, mentors preferred minimum of 10 years work experience, mentees preferred minimum of 1 year work experience


  • Commit to making the time to meet at least once a quarter for one year
  • Keep the content of conversations confidential
  • Participate in orientation where you will be submitting a mentoring partnership agreement and goals task sheet
  • At conclusion of program, submit program results sheet

For more information, contact the Mentorship Program Committee Co-Chairs:

Ryan Buckmaster, CFA                                             Tim Cheng, CFA                    

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