Member Communities

The following groups have been created to allow members to participate in programs specific to their specialty.

If you are interested in participating in a community, please contact the community leader listed below.

Alternative Investments Group
Allen Kim, CFA

  • Focuses on  improving the basic understanding of the types and uses of alternative investments to CFA Charterholders and Candidates, the general investment public, and media
  • Provides an avenue for the exchange of new ideas involving alternative investments
  • Discusses, improves and proactively engages in the debate surrounding the special ethical circumstances that alternative investments often create

Applied Behavioral Finance
Luke Kulma, CFA

  • Behavioral finance is the study of how individuals and groups behave when faced with investment decisions in particular, and financial matters in general
  • Field includes elements of psychology, decision making, and game theory
  • Comprised of professionals from banking, investments, non-profit, and education
  • Seeks to identify and capitalize on these behaviors to improve investment returns and client relations
  • Seeks to bring the discipline of behavioral finance into the mainstream

Asia Pacific
Information Link
Asia Pacific Community of Interest LinkedIn Page
Elaine Zhang, CFA

  • Advances the professional growth of Asian Pacific American society members
  • Promotes the CFA “brand awareness” among Asian Pacific Americans in southern California
  • Establishes relationships between CFALA and other local professional organizations with similar interests
  • Facilitates research of Asian Pacific markets and investment opportunities to support information needs of those considering investment diversification into that region
  • Seeks to establish and grow communication networks and relationships of mutual value with our professional colleagues in the Asian Pacific region.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Group
Jeff Kuhlman, CFA

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly being integrated into investment analysis. Evaluating how ESG factors potentially affect a company may provide analysts with a broader perspective on the risks and investment opportunities of a company’s securities.
  • Learn about ways in which companies can improve long-term performance by enhancing the value of all corporate stakeholders.
  • Understand how to reduce portfolio risk by looking at factors beyond typical financial metrics.
  • Discuss ways in which one can align their investments with their values.

Portfolio Management
Charlotte Chamberlain, Ph.D

  • Acquires speakers for CFALA and the Santa Barbara Region that bring experience and insight for managing client portfolios
  • Topics cover a wide range of interests but primarily address asset allocation and macroeconomic concerns

Private Wealth Management Group
Yves-Marc Courtines, CFA

  • An educational forum for professionals associated with the Wealth Management industry
  • Presents the annual Wealth Management Excellence Series with speaking and networking events that touch all aspects of Wealth Management (e.g., Personal Financial Advisory, Capital Market Forecasts, Investments, Trust and Estate Planning, Practice Management, FinTech)

Santa Barbara Region
Falko Hoernicke, CFA
George Tharakan, CFA

  • A network for financial professionals living in the Santa Barbara and nearby counties
  • Works toward providing educational and networking opportunities for CFA charterholders and other financial professionals

CFALA Women's Group
Susan Drozdowski
Arielle Bittoni, CFA

  • Provides a network of CFA charterholders and candidates to provide mentorship and advice
  • Organizes panels, initiates discussion on social networks, mentors CFA candidates, and builds relationships at social events
  • An inclusionary network with the objective of promoting professional support and brand awareness of CFALA through teaming within CFALA and other professional women's organizations

Book Club
CFA Society Los Angeles Society Book Club - BOOK LIST
Don Brown, CFA
Geoff Wainwright, CFA

  • Forum for CFALA members to discuss their interests in books with fellow members
  • Meetings are held every other month
  • Brings in authors for discussion and Q&A sessions
  • Fosters a network where we can exchange interesting ideas and learn from each other


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