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Welcome to CFA Society Los Angeles’ Spotlight Content! Below you’ll find articles, webinars, research papers, online meetings, video content, et al. from our esteemed sponsors and valued partners. Spotlight Content reflects the latest resources and thought leadership on the current economic landscape.


Report: Economic Research Report - The “Abundant Reserve” System Crushes the Fed(First Trust Economics) (4/6/23): LINK 


Report: Managed Futures: A History of Performance During Crises : LINK                                                                                                     


Infographic: The Recession Playbook: Three All-Weather Strategies: LINK                                                                                        


Report: First Trust Monday Morning Outlook - How to Lose Reserve Currency Status (4/10/23): LINK             


Report: Spring 2023 China Internet Earnings Report: LINK 



Podcast: Market Matters Podcast: Debunking-Dollarization (Two Part): LINK                                                                               


Press Release: First Trust Economics Team Wins 2022 U.S. Forecast Accuracy Award from Consensus Economics LINK  


Note: Climate Market Now - A Weekly Climate Note Produced by KraneShares Head of Climate & Climate Finance Partners (CLIFI) LINK  


Article: The Baby Boomer Bond Conundrum: LINK                                                                                                                                














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