90 Years Of CFA Society Los Angeles History

Click here to view a detailed timeline infographic of the 90-year history of CFA Society Los Angeles.

In The History of CFA Society Los Angeles: A 90th Anniversary Timeline, you will learn about the founding of CFA Society Los Angeles (called the Investment Statistician's Association of Los Angeles at its formation), the first president of the association, the organization's multiple name changes and local chapters (including Hawaii, San Diego, and Orange County), the many successful programs and initiatives launched by the Society, and so much more.

If you would like to make a contribution to future iterations of our timeline infographic, please email info@cfala.org and let us know what pieces of our history are missing!


Please read Celebrating 90 Years, a letter by 2020-2021 CFA Society Los Angeles President Alicia Romo, CFA.

In the letter, Romo details some of the history of CFA Society Los Angeles, including its founding on April 21st, 1931, and the original name of the organization, The Investment Statistician's Association of Los Angeles.

The letter also includes photos from past events, a link to a document on the history of CFA Society Los Angeles between 1931 and 1981, and much more.

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In the first video of our 90th Anniversary Interview Series, Past President (1985-1986) William L. Krantz, CFA describes notable changes at CFA Society Los Angeles since his term as president.

Please click here to view the full video, William Krantz, CFA on the Evolution of CFA Society Los Angeles.

As a part of the celebration of our 90th anniversary, we periodically published videos for our 90th Anniversary Interview Series throughout 2021. The videos featured past presidents and dedicated member volunteers who have contributed immeasurably to CFA Society Los Angeles.

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