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Member Communities
serve to provide an outlet for members to participate in smaller groups that focus on specific areas of interest while Operational Groups are an opportunity for members to get involved with assisting in the management of the Society and helping to advance its mission.

See lists below to help in picking your top three choices. 

I'd like to join a: 

Please list your top three choices (in order of preference) for a Member Community and/or Operational Group: 

Member Communities include:


Operational Groups include:

Alternative Investments
Applied Behavioral Finance
Asia Pacific
Portfolio Management
Private Wealth Management
ESG Investing
Santa Barbara Region
CFALA Women's Group
CFALA Book Club


Advocacy and Ethics
Annual Meeting
CFA Charter Recognition Dinner
CFA Review Program
Career Development
Economic & Investments Forecast Dinner
Investment Research Challenge (IRC)
Member & Public Awareness
Social Events


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Conditions of Agreement

  • Conflicts of Interest.  Volunteers agree to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest in their involvement with CFALA. A conflict of interest may exist when you or a member of your family are involved in activities that may impact your ability to assist CFALA fairly and impartially.  A conflict could be actual or perceived and could result in personal or profession gain for that volunteer or persons close to them. 
  • Public Statements/Political Involvement.  Volunteers should not speak on behalf of CFALA unless specifically authorized by CFALA.  Volunteers are free to engage in individual political activity but such activity should be completely disassociated from their position as a volunteer of CFALA. 
  • Confidentiality and Information Security.  Volunteers may at times have access to confidential information. Confidential Information includes all confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets of CFALA, including but not limited to member and candidate data. As a volunteer, you agree that you will not disclose to third parties or use for any purpose outside of CFALA, any confidential information of CFALA. 
  • Invention Assignment.  A volunteer may be asked to create works of authorship, documents or other related works for the benefit of CFALA.  You agree and understand that all works, created during your volunteer assignment and which are within the scope of CFALA, belong solely to CFALA and you assign all rights to such works to CFALA. 
  • Conduct.  CFALA is proud of its professional and congenial work environment and seeks to ensure that the environment remains pleasant for all who work here. Volunteers are expected to treat each other and CFALA staff with courtesy, consideration and professionalism. Harassment for any discriminatory reason is strictly prohibited. 
  • Travel.  Volunteers may be asked to travel on behalf of CFALA. You agree that all travel will occur within the guidelines set forth in the CFALA Travel Policy. 


I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to comply with this Volunteer Acknowledgement and all applicable policies. I further understand that my services for CFALA are being rendered in a volunteer-capacity and will not be compensated. *

* It is mandatory to be a member of CFA Society Los Angeles in order to register as a volunteer. If you are not a member and would still like to get involved, email to get your name put on a distribution list for non-member opportunities, which include, but are not limited to, assisting with logistics and registration for event planning. 


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