Stephan Miskjian, CFA, CFP, QPFC, QKA

Stephan Miskjian, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Miskjian Investment Consulting

Expertise: Retirement Plan Investing (401(k), Pension, Cash Balance Plans, IRA) & Financial Planning

Office: 818-217-7422
Cell: 818-217-7422


  • Stephan is Founder of Miskjian Investment Consulting.  Stephan helps companies build their 401(k) plan investment fund menu and meet their fiduciary responsibilities outlined under ERISA and the Department of Labor.  He helps participants utilize prudent investment funds and tools to build retirement assets to last for the rest of their lives.  Stephan provides advisory and back office services for 100 retirement plans and $350 million in assets.  
  • At Kravitz Investment Services, Stephan worked as a portfolio manager and investment consultant in the assistance of management of over $1 billion in retirement plan assets.  Stephan helped build 401(k) plan investment menus, provide plan fiduciary due diligence, and managed a discretionary book of cash balance plan assets. 
  • At ASPPA (largest retirement plan organization), Stephan worked as an investment consultant managing the PFC-2 exam, which covers fiduciary and investment principles for retirement plan advisors.  The PFC-2 exam is the final exam advisors need to achieve the QPFC credential.  Stephan helped build and edit the Investment Module for the ASPPA’s CPC credential, which is ASPPA’s most prestigious credential. 
  • At Bank America and City National Private Banks, Stephan managed over $300 million for individual and institutional clients. Stephan also provided investment consulting and financial planning for ultra-high net worth clients. 


  • 15 years investment management experience in the financial services industry 
  • Prior to that, 7 years teaching at Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Four credentials including CFA, CFP (Certified Financial Planner), QPFC (Qualified Plan Financial Consultant), QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator
  • Stephan is a multiple financial planning presenter on KCAL 9 Sunday News in 2012.    


  • Having the best time of my life helping to raise my 6 year old daughter.
  • Previous multiple marathon runner, Mt. Whitney climber, and avid basketball player.   







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